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7 Little Frogs and Santa Claus -- 七隻小青蛙和聖誕老公公 T05-092



Cover Description: It is Christmas Eve! Santa was out on his sled ready to deliver Christmas presents to all the good children. With one careless move, Santa fall out of his sled and into a frozen lake!! Will Christmas be canceled? Santa stumbled into a nearby home, and found 7 sleeping little frogs. With a great deal of help and teamwork, Santa was on his way once again on his trusted sled. Christmas was saved, all the nice children can still get their presents.

「鈴鈴鈴──鈴鈴鈴──」一陣聲響劃破寧靜寒夜,聖誕老公公駕著雪橇,到處送禮去。 -- 糟糕,聖誕老公公掉到湖裡,而且馴鹿逃跑了!-- 他發現了一棟沒看過的新房子,正疑惑時,雪橇猛然一晃,聖誕老公公不小心摔下去了!但馴鹿渾然不覺,竟拖著雪橇遠遠離去。渾身溼透、狼狽不已的聖誕老公公只好先找地方把衣服烘乾,可是他也意外發現裝禮物的袋子勾破了。沒有馴鹿和雪橇,袋子又破洞,眼看快趕不上平安夜,到底該怎麼辦呢?他能順利完成送禮物的工作嗎? 一起和七隻可愛小青蛙以及巧手的兔子叔叔,在這充滿祝福和歡欣的節日裡,想想辦法,幫助聖誕老公公完成送禮的重責大任吧。聖誕快樂!
This is a hardcover book with 32 pages, 7.75" x 10".

Hardcover Chinese Children book for age: 4-12

Usually ships within two business days.

7 Little Frogs and Santa Claus -- 七隻小青蛙和聖誕老公公 T05-092

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