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Going to the Marketplace - 进城 C05-074



Cover Description: In this charming story, a happy trio of an elderly father, his young son, and their donkey were walking to the town's marketplace to sell their goods... "What kind of fool would walk with their donkey, and not riding on it!" The first stranger they met, laughed at them. So the father got on the donkey. "What man rides on his donkey, and lets a young child walk. Poor child..." the second person exclaimed. So, they quickly swapped, and the young boy sat on the donkey. Only the next person they met yelled at the boy for allowing his old father walk. So, now they both sat on the donkey. And just as they began to think that they are finally going to the marketplace the rigth way, the next person complained to them loudly that they are abusing their poor donkey. And their troubled journey went on, and on, until they ended up carrying their donkey to please the last person that they met. Finally an old man made them realize that sometimes they should just ignore others, and do what they feel is right. The illustration in this book is quite a treat. It is done in traditional Chinese water ink, in black and white. And all the characters they met along the way are well known characters from famouse Chinese classics, such as Journey to the West, Dream of a Red Manion, Outlanw of the Marshes etc.
This hardcover book has 33 pages, 8.5" x 11.50".

Chinese book for children age: 5-12.

Usually ships within two business days.

Going to the Marketplace - 进城 C05-074

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