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Misery Moo 不快樂的母牛 T03-088



Cover Description: This is a wonderful story for young children about the importance of friendship and being a friend, even when it seems impossible! Misery Moo is constantly looking at the downside of things, while her friend Lamby Poo goes through life wearing rose-colored glasses, and trying to get Moo to see things the way he does. However, Misery Moo's pessimism soon gets the best of Lamby Poo, and it is up to this miserable old cow to make her friend happy again.
This is a hardcover book with 21 pages, 8.5"X10.5".

Hardcover Chinese Children book for age: 3-8

Usually ships within two business days.

Misery Moo 不快樂的母牛 T03-088

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