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Red Circle and Black Circle - 紅圓圓和黑圓圓 T00-182



Cover Description: Red Circle and Black Circle are ready to play games! Red Circle disguised into a cherry, and Black Circle disguised into a tadpole, and did you notice the red circle on a flying butterfly? And how about that black circle on a crawling ladybug? From the red fire truck to the rolling black train, this book will take your child into an imaginative journey full of hidden surprises.

紅圓圓和黑圓圓兩兄弟,要開始玩變身遊戲囉! 紅圓圓先變成櫻桃,黑圓圓跟著變成了蝌蚪;紅圓圓變成兔子的紅眼睛,黑圓圓也馬上變成狸貓的黑眼睛……嘿嘿!變身遊戲最後會有什麼有趣的結局呢?快來看看吧!
This is a hardcover book with 24 pages, 10"X10".

Chinese Children's book for age: 1-5

Usually ships within two business days.

Red Circle and Black Circle - 紅圓圓和黑圓圓 T00-182

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