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Spot's Chinese Dictionary for Baby -- 小波有聲字典書 T00-137



Cover Description: Young Spot fans will find plenty of fun and lots to discover in this large-format 18-button sound book in Chinese. Each page shows Spot in a different scene which toddlers can recognise - at home, at the farm, at school, at the seaside and at the park. Sound symbols indicate which buttons to press to make the sound effects for each location, and words are labelled to encourage young children to identify familiar objects and begin to explore the world. The book provides a wondeful interactive treat for children and adults to share.

這本《小波有聲字典書》中,有吃早餐、農場裡、在學校、去海邊,和到公園等單元,透過情境畫面帶領幼兒認識超過100個字彙。書側並設計有容易操作的聲音按鈕,包含牽引機、吉他、海鷗叫、腳踏車鈴聲等18個有趣的聲音,適合作為孩子的第一本字典書,提升觀察和語文能力! * 本書內附電池,電力耗盡後可更換。
This over-sized board book has 10 pages, 11.5" x 12".

Chinese baby board book: 0-5

Usually ships within two business days.

Spot's Chinese Dictionary for Baby -- 小波有聲字典書 T00-137

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