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Chinese Books for Babies 0-2 Year Olds

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Goodnight Moon
Your Price: $13.95
Goodnight Moon
Description: This is the all time favorite classic bedtime story told in Chinese. You can now put your baby to bed by reading the Chinese version of this simple and innocent tale about a bunny who says good night to everything in ...more
The Runaway Bunny
Your Price: $13.95
The Runaway Bunny
Description: Another true classic that is simply endearing. The Runaway Bunny is another masterpiece by the renowned author of “Goodnight Moon.” The storyline is beautifully written to show a mother's love to her very ...more
Guess How Much I Love You
Your Price: $17.95
Guess How Much I Love You
Description: This is an all time western classic book told in Chinese. Now you can share this sweet tale about a little hare and a big hare who try to express how much they love each other by measuring the distance of ...more
Guess How Much I Love You-Colors & Counting (Set of 2 books) -- 猜猜我有多愛你-(顏色&數一數)
Your Price: $19.95
Guess How Much I Love You-Colors & Counting (Set of 2 books)  --  猜猜我有多愛你-(顏色&數一數)
Description: What a concept! The beloved Nutbrown Hares hop into new board books, enticing the youngest of readers to explore colors and numbers.

風靡全球的《猜猜我有多愛你》系列全新作品──大兔子與小兔子最清新可愛的數數與色彩觀察 「一朵蒲公英,吹~」 這回小兔子和大兔子把愛藏在和大自然的互動裡。在美麗的花叢間,彷彿聽到小兔子興奮的語調說著:「嗨! ...more
The Secret Birthday Message
Your Price: $9.95
The Secret Birthday Message
Description: This is the classic Eric Carle book told in Chinese. It is Tim's birthday. Instead of a package, Tim gets a mysterious letter -- written in code! Tim -- and the reader -- are off, following the clues. And at the end of the treasure hunt is ...more
Press Here - 小黃點
Your Price: $16.95
Press Here - 小黃點
Description: 3 YEARS on The New York Times bestseller list! Now available in Chinese. It starts with press the yellow dot on the cover of this book, then follow the instructions within, and embark upon a magical journey! Each page of this surprising boo ...more
Red Circle and Black Circle - 紅圓圓和黑圓圓
Your Price: $15.95
Red Circle and Black Circle - 紅圓圓和黑圓圓
Description: Red Circle and Black Circle are ready to play games! Red Circle disguised into a cherry, and Black Circle disguised into a tadpole, and did you notice the red circle on a flying butterfly? And how about that black circle on a crawling lady ...more
Which Is Round? Which Is Bigger? 到底是哪一個?
Your Price: $13.95
Which Is Round? Which Is Bigger?   到底是哪一個?
Description: This deceptively simple concept book prompts the reader to compare pairs of objects and then choose which one has a particular attribute. At first the answer seems obvious, until the page is turned to reveal a delightful twist!

蘋果和穿山甲 ...more
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