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Infatuated with Peking Opera C05-080



Cover Description: In 1937, a 9 year old girl was sent to live with her grandma and uncle near Nanjing, China. With the Japanese invasion looming in the background, a famed Peking Opera singer arrived in town with his opera company, and the little girl grew fasinated with Peking Opera...for a brief moment in her life, all were forgotten about the war, and life seemed happy and normal...until the bombs came down from the sky, and the little girl and her family had to flee. This book features breath-taking illustrations, and paints a touching war time story through the eyes of a child.

This hardcover book has 20 pages, 10.25" x 10".

Chinese book for children age: 5+

Usually ships within two business days.

Infatuated with Peking Opera C05-080

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