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Ladybug's Lesson - audio book 瓢蟲愛五顏六色-按一按,聽聽看有聲書
Your Price: $15.95
Ladybug's Lesson - audio book  瓢蟲愛五顏六色-按一按,聽聽看有聲書
Description: Ladybug loves the color red. But her dear friends come in so many different colors! Follow along as she discovers a rainbow of love in this engaging, press and listen audio book. Every page is a new surprise!

按一按,就會聽到驚奇的聲音!瓢蟲喜愛紅色,但是她發 ...more
Frog's Friends - audio book 青蛙數一數-按一按,聽聽看有聲書
Your Price: $15.95
Frog's Friends - audio book   青蛙數一數-按一按,聽聽看有聲書
Description: Frog's Friends, a bumpy audio book helps teach early learning concepts and add to the fun of reading together.

按一按,就會聽到驚奇的聲音!青蛙邀請所有好朋友來參加他準備的野餐。 在這個可愛的故事裡,每一個跨頁都有不同的叫聲喔!鼓勵你的孩子在有黑色喇叭的符號上用力按一按,不但可以聽,還可以看,讓閱讀變得好有趣。

This baby bo ...more
Who Is It?-Lift the Flap Book 誰來了-驚奇一頁翻翻書
Your Price: $13.95
Who Is It?-Lift the Flap Book    誰來了-驚奇一頁翻翻書
Description: This fun book will sure to delight your child, as it opens in unexpected ways!! Finally the book turns into a very large poster. This funny book will also introduce lots of family member names, such as grandma, aunt, uncle to your little on ...more
I Can Brush My Teeth Audio Book 我會刷牙有聲繪本
Your Price: $15.95
I Can Brush My Teeth Audio Book     我會刷牙有聲繪本
Description: Inside and outside, up and down, left and right! That's how we brush our teeth, and we brush them morning, night, and after we eat our candies! This audio book comes with two AAA batteries, and will play the brush my teeth song. Youngsters ...more
Cheer Up, Mouse! 笑一笑嘛,小老鼠!
Your Price: $15.95
Cheer Up, Mouse!   笑一笑嘛,小老鼠!
Description: Mouse feels lower than low. His forest friends come and knock themselves out trying to cheer up the little guy, all to no avail. In the end, all Mouse really needs is a hug! This beautiful book is done in watercolor pastels and colored pencil ...more
Little Bird 鳥兒
Your Price: $14.95
Little Bird   鳥兒
Description: A man drives his truck up to a cliff's edge. Unable to go any further, he opens the back door of his truck and a flock of birds flies out, but, as the man soon discovers, a small timid bird remains. Surprised and delighted, the man acts kindl ...more
Soon 就快了
Your Price: $15.95
Soon   就快了
Description: A baby elephant and his mother share an unforgettable day’s journey in this touching and gorgeously illustrated tale. The sun is not yet up when a small elephant embarks with his mother on a special outing. As they meet a slithering snake in ...more
Three Hens and a Peacock 三隻母雞和孔雀
Your Price: $16.95
Three Hens and a Peacock  三隻母雞和孔雀
Description: This book opens with a big commotion on an animal farm caused by the discovery of a very large and very strange egg. One day, the egg hatched, and out came a very cute baby penguin. Everybody on the farm helped took care the little penguin, ...more
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