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My Daddy - Peppa Pig Board Book 我的爸爸【粉紅豬小妹】
Your Price: $13.95
My Daddy - Peppa Pig Board Book     我的爸爸【粉紅豬小妹】
Description: This adorable book is brought to you by the best-loved characters from the number one award-winning preschool children's TV show - Peppa Pig! This cute book talks about how much Peppa and George love their daddy, with all his little quirks. J ...more
Do You Want to be My Friend? 我們可以做朋友嗎?
Your Price: $15.95
Do You Want to be My Friend?    我們可以做朋友嗎?
Description: The darling little girl in this book shows everyone what it means to be a good friend, while spreads the joy of friendship.

我們都希望孩子能快樂成長、擁有自信,並且了解到每個人都是這世上最棒且獨特的。我們也希望孩子能敞開胸懷,向周圍的人說:「我們可以做朋友嗎?」本書作者希望這句話能夠在孩子之間盡情分享開來,去感受話中蘊含的溫暖和幸福,以及 ...more
Betty Goes Bananas 貝蒂好想好想吃香蕉
Your Price: $18.95
Betty Goes Bananas    貝蒂好想好想吃香蕉
Description: Meet Betty, a gorilla. She wants to eat a banana, but . . . try as she might, she can’t open it! Poor Betty—she just can't cope, and her frustration quickly becomes a great BIG tantrum. She cries and sniffles, kicks and screams. Luckily, Mr. ...more
Duanwu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival) 端午粽米香
Your Price: $15.95
Duanwu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival)    端午粽米香
Description: In a charming Chinese countryside, a cute little girl yearns for zongzi. With a great deal of patience, the holiday finally approaches, and the little girl learns to make zongzi from her mom, while her father prepares to race the dragon boa ...more
Goodnight Already! -- 可以說晚安了嗎?
Your Price: $16.95
Goodnight Already!  -- 可以說晚安了嗎?
Description: Meet Bear. He's exhausted. All he wants is to go to sleep. Meet Duck, Bear's persistent next-door neighbor. All he wants is to hang out . . . with Bear.

枕頭外的狂想曲 令人捧腹大笑的床邊故事 猜猜看: 當一頭很睏很睏的大熊,遇上一隻三更半夜不睡覺的鴨子,會發生什麼驚天動地的大事? 累了好久、一心只想要好好睡覺的 ...more
SHHHH! -- 噓,大家安靜!
Your Price: $15.95
SHHHH!  -- 噓,大家安靜!
Description: Everyone is talking too loud, and moving too fast. But no one seems to hear what's being said. What to do? A well-dressed shrew has all the answers. All you have to do is be still and listen … "One, two, three…Shhh!" This eloquent and brillia ...more
Will You Still Love Me, If...? 媽媽,你會永遠愛我嗎?
Your Price: $16.95
Will You Still Love Me, If...?    媽媽,你會永遠愛我嗎?
Description: This is an imaginative journey through a child’s big questions about the nature of a mother’s love. Little Bear is worried. Just how much does his mom love him? What if he does something really bad? What if something bad happens to her? But ...more
Big! 長大!
Your Price: $17.95
Big!    長大!
Description: A refreshingly simple book that celebrates growing up! This book's stylish illustrations bring an endearing little boy to life as he contrasts himself with an ant, a bear and an elephant... The boy grows throughout the story, and by the end ...more
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