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Old China Childhood Series (Set of 4 Books) C03-084



Cover Description: Step back in time with this set of 4 beautifully illustrated books about childhood stories in old China. The water colored illustrations are BEAUTIFUL, and will sure to bring China's classic charm into your home as you and your child read the simple but engaging stories about what life was like for a young child growing up in China from a long time ago. The four books in this series are: 1) The Iron Gate Alleyway, 2) Feast of Treats for the High Summer Days, 3) The Way Home from School, 4) The Little Goldfish. These books are mainly in Chinese, and include an English translation of the story in the back pages.
Each book in this series has 42 pages, 10.25" x 8".

Chinese children's book for age: 2-8

Usually ships within two business days.

Old China Childhood Series (Set of 4 Books) C03-084

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