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10 Minutes Till Bedtime 再過10分鐘就睡覺 T03-144
10 Minutes Till Bedtime picture book in Chinese



10 Minutes Till Bedtime picture book in Chinese Description: Get ready for the best bed time story book ever! The countdown to bedtime is about to begin when a family of hamsters arrives at the front door. "All aboard," shouts the child's pet hamster, and it's off to the kitchen for a snack, to the bathroom for tooth brushing, to the bedroom for a story. And just as the child starts to read, more hamsters stream through the front door and the escapades accelerate as the countdown continues.

凱迪克金獎作家佩琪.芮士曼的幽默晚安書 陪伴不想睡的小寶貝,來一場睡前10分鐘的大冒險! 離睡覺時間只剩下10分鐘,刷牙、洗澡、換睡衣、聽故事……小男孩還有好多事情沒做呢!在爸爸從10到1的倒數聲中,小男孩背著爸爸,焦急又興奮地等待一大車隊的動物朋友們光臨他的房間。他請倉鼠們到廚房吃點心、到廁所刷牙、回房間換睡衣,還念故事書給牠們聽,時間就快要不夠了……他能一邊接待倉鼠,一邊完成睡前的每個任務嗎?
This hardcover book has 44 pages, 9.95"X11.25"

Hardcover book in Chinese for age: 0-8.

Usually ships within two business days.

10 Minutes Till Bedtime 再過10分鐘就睡覺 T03-144

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