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Alan's Big Scary Teeth -- 鱷魚艾倫又大又可怕的牙齒 T03-150
Alan's Big Scary Teeth - Chinese children book



Alan's Big Scary Teeth - Chinese children book Description: Deep in the jungle lurks Alan the alligator, descended from a long line of very scary alligators. He prepares carefully — polishing his scales, brushing each of his big, scary teeth, and practicing his frightening faces — then sneaks into the jungle to terrorize the jungle critters. ("I’m big, scary Alan! Fear my razor-sharp teeth!") But after a long day of scaring, Alan likes nothing better than to enjoy the crossword, run a warm mud bath, and take out his teeth, which nobody else knows are false. Until one morning, when Alan wakes up and finds that his teeth are gone! Without those teeth, he’s just not very scary, and scaring is the only thing he knows how to do. Or is it? Witty, charming, and playful storytelling will have preschoolers cheering for Alan as he discovers a new way to fit in.

本書特色: 2016年童書界最好笑的鱷魚. 艾倫是隻凶猛可怕、有著尖牙的鱷魚,家族世代都以嚇人著稱,艾倫更是箇中高手。每一天,艾倫都會為了嚇人做好準備:刷牙、擦亮鱗片、練習恐怖的聲音和表情。然後進叢林嚇其他動物,他實在太可怕了!傍晚,艾倫會回到沼澤休息,並且脫下他的假牙,沒有人知道艾倫其實戴著假牙。有一天早上,艾倫發現假牙不見了!失去假牙,他還能繼續嚇人嗎?艾倫該怎麼辦呢?
This hardcover book has 30 pages, 11.25" x 10.25".

Hardcover Chinese book for children age: 3-12.

Usually ships within two business days.

Alan's Big Scary Teeth -- 鱷魚艾倫又大又可怕的牙齒 T03-150

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