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Good Morning Good Night With Sing Along CD 早安晚安-給0-3歲的自理兒歌 (附CD) T00-150
Chinese baby book with CD



Chinese baby book with CD Description: This baby board book features 8 short and cute nursery rhymes, and a sing along audio CD in Mandarin Chinese.

0~3歲,是孩子學習說話以及自理能力的重要時期。藉由好聽、好唱的兒歌,不但能滿足孩子說說唱唱的慾望,也能增進孩子的語文敏感度和語文能力。 《早安晚安》中,製作了八首貼近幼兒生活的自理兒歌,由專業的詞、曲作家以孩子容易琅琅上口的語文、好聽的旋律以及輕快的節奏編寫而成,搭配姿態生動的插畫,能讓孩子在唱唱跳跳中自然愉快地學習打招呼、吃飯、穿鞋、洗澡、刷牙、睡覺等自理能力。 隨書附贈的音樂CD,收錄全書八首兒歌,包含「歌曲演唱」及「卡拉OK伴唱」兩大部份,讓孩子不但可以聆聽,也可以跟著大聲吟唱。

This baby board book has 15 pages, 6" X 6.25", and comes with sing along audio CD in Mandarin Chinese.

Chinese Baby Board Book with sing along CD for children age: 0-5.

Usually ships within two business days.

Good Morning Good Night With Sing Along CD 早安晚安-給0-3歲的自理兒歌 (附CD) T00-150

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