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Baby's Soft Puzzle Blocks -- 寶寶可愛動物布骰 Y00-023
Baby's Soft Puzzle Blocks



Baby's Soft Puzzle Blocks Description: Baby's soft toy blocks! Set of 6 soft blocks perfectly sized for baby's little hands. The blocks lightly rattles, and introduce shapes, animals, easy counting, numbers, and a simple puzzle to your baby.

1. 鮮豔的色彩,能幫助正在成長的寶寶視覺: 鮮明的顏色不僅能吸引孩子的目光,趣味的圖案激發寶寶的感知,充滿多姿多彩的圖畫能有效刺激寶寶視覺。 2.六合一的認知學習,讓寶寶盡情的在遊戲中學習: 布骰結合了遊戲拼圖、顏色形狀、認識動物、幼兒數數、認識數字及觸覺、聽覺與視覺的認知,凸顯趣味、互動、參與性等許多性質,滿足寶寶的好奇,在遊戲中開心的學習。 3.可揉、搖、捏、壓、翻,富變化的設計讓寶寶小手更靈巧: 4.良好品質的布料,減少寶寶對塵埃過敏的機率: 5.可讓親子一同遊戲的趣味布骰,拉近跟小寶貝的距離:
Each soft block is about: 3"X3"X3".

Recommended Ages: 0-24 months

Usually ships within two business days.

Baby's Soft Puzzle Blocks -- 寶寶可愛動物布骰 Y00-023

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