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Chicken Chickens Go to School 小雞上學 T03-110
Chicken Chickens Go to School - Chinese children book



Chicken Chickens Go to School - Chinese children book Description: It’s the first day of school for the little chickens and they are a little scared. How a wise teacher helps the chicken chickens overcome their fears and win some wonderful new friends is a heartwarming story that will reassure youngsters experiencing their own “first day” jitters.

對第一次上學的幼稚園小朋友,或小學一年級新生來說,在學校過團體的學習生活,都是全新的嘗試許多小朋友因為這樣的改變,會產生一些適應上的困難。 本書內容,就是以上學時如何和同儕相處為主題,作者法拉力.戈巴契夫希望藉著膽小小雞上學交朋友的成功經驗,鼓勵有同樣問題的小朋友。 這是一本情節溫馨又能幫助孩子相處的書,小朋友能從中學到:接納別人、幫助別人是多麼開心、有成就感的一件事。

This is a hardcover book with 31 pages, 8.5" x 11.5".

Hardcover Chinese Children book for age: 3-8

Usually ships within two business days.

Chicken Chickens Go to School 小雞上學 T03-110

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