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Chinese Festivals CD-ROM CD-R-001



Description: This exciting new CD-ROM teaches the five most important traditional Chinese festivals: the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, Qixi (the Chinese Valentine's Day) and the Mid-Autumn Festival. It contains 16 vividly animated stories and an additional children's song that make it fun and easy to learn about Chinese culture. This CD-ROM has Mandarin Soundtrack with subtitles in English and Traditional/Simplified Chinese.

CD-ROM for PC or Mac for age: 5+.

Tracks Information:
1.Chinese Lunar Calendar 中国的农历 / 中國的農歷.
2. La Ba Porridge 腊八粥/ 臘八粥
3. Seeing Off the Kitchen God 送灶王爷/ 送灶王爺
4. The Custom of sweeping the Dust 扫尘的习俗/ 掃塵的習俗
5. Spring Scrolls 门神春联/ 門神春聯
6. Happiness has Arrived 倒贴福字/ 倒貼福字
7. The Story of Nian 年的来历/ 年的來歷
8. New Year's Greetings 拜年/ 拜年
9. Spring Festival- Food 春节饮食/ 春節飲食
10. Lantern Festival 元宵节赏灯/ 元宵節賞燈
11. The Story of Dragon Boat Festival 端午节的故事/ 端午節的故事
12. Niulang and Zhinue 牛郎和织女/ 牛郎和織女
13. The Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节/ 中秋節
14. Customs Under the Moon 月下习俗/ 月下習俗
15. The Story of Mid-Autumn 中秋故事/ 中秋故事
16. The Legend of the Moon 月亮的传说/ 月亮的傳說
17. Children's Song: Best Wishes 儿歌:恭喜你/ 兒歌:恭喜你

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Chinese Festivals CD-ROM CD-R-001

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