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Chinese Touch Reading Pen Complete Learning System (Reading Pen + 8 Books) Y00-019



Description: Wow! This is a great product that combines learning Chinese for young children with fun. This Chinese Touch Pen Learning system is a high-quality electronic product that comes complete with a set of eight books, and is perfect for learning Chinese and making reading fun! This product features an adorable Touch Reading Pen that unitizes advanced voice synthesizing & restoration technology for excellent audio quality. Simply point the pen at one of the book's words or pictures and the pen will speak out the words with a neat and clear voice, even in both English and Mandarin Chinese pronunciation (the English and Common Knowledge books are bilingual). This learning system comes with 8 books, all printed on high-quality paper in full color with cute illustrations or high quality picture images. These books are designed for young children to learn Chinese characters, Pinyin, Common objects, Numbers, Chinese Classic Poems, Three Character Classics, Di Zi Gui, Fairy Tales Stories, and much more! Young children can enjoy these Chinese Touch Pen Books for a long time, and they can read them with or without their parents!

Chinese Touch Reading Pen Complete Learning System includes:
Touch Reading Pen - This Adorable and Durable pen is made of safe environment materials and can be operated with ease. This pen is powered by built-in battery and is rechargeable. This advanced pen also has a recording capability, with 2GB Storage.

Eight Touch Pen Reading Books - Each book is 8.25"X8.50", and includes the following titles:

*Chinese Characters-1 150字(上) + 39 Bonus Chinese Proverbs Stories 42pages
*Chinese Characters-2 150字(下) + 39 Bonus Fairy Tales Stories 42pages
*Chinese Classics 国学篇 (57 Classic Poems, 37 Di Zi Gui, 32 Three Character Classics) 34pages
*Pin Yin 拼音篇 34pages
*Common Knowledge 认知篇 36pages
*Language 语言篇 44pages
*Primary Math 数学篇 (初级) 44pages
*Learn English 英语篇 44pages

Sample Content--Common Knowledge Book (36 pages):
1. 我的家人 My Family
2. 认识自己 Self-awareness
3. 生活用品-宝宝的衣服 Common Objects-Clothes
4. 生活用品-宝宝的家 Common Objects-Home
5. 生活用品-宝宝的玩具 Common Objects-Toys
6. 颜色 Colors
7. 形状 Shapes
8. 水果 Fruits(br/>9 蔬菜 Vegetables
10 食物 Foods
11-12 水果 Fruit
13-14 蔬菜 Vegetables
15-16 食物 Foods
17-18 动物-陆地动物 Animal-Land
19-20 动物-水生动物 Animal-Aquatic
21 动物-鸟类 Animal-Birds
22 动物-昆虫 Animal-Insects
23-24 植物 Plants
25-28 自然 Nature
29-30 交通工具 Vehicles
31-32 国旗 Flags
33-34 对比概念 Compare
35 游戏 Game
36 儿童经典故事选集 Story

Box Contents:
*Touch Reading Pen
*Pen Stand
*Battery Charger
*Eight Books
*Instruction Manual

Chinese Touch Pen Complete Learning System for children age: 0-6

Usually ships within two business days.

Chinese Touch Reading Pen Complete Learning System (Reading Pen + 8 Books) Y00-019

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