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Duanwu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival) 端午粽米香 C03-217



Description: In a charming Chinese countryside, a cute little girl yearns for zongzi. With a great deal of patience, the holiday finally approaches, and the little girl learns to make zongzi from her mom, while her father prepares to race the dragon boat. On May 5th, the family joins local villagers to celebrate the holiday with good food and fun festivities.

故事讲述了妞妞*爱吃粽子,但是妈妈一年只包一次。妈妈一边做布老虎一边说,等布老虎做好了、马莲草长高、爸爸漆龙头的时候,就该包粽子了。爸爸开始漆龙头了,马莲草一点点长高了,村里的男人每天都在谈着赛龙舟的事,妈妈做完了布老虎,开始包粽子。妞妞和妈妈带着粽子先去投江喂江鱼,然后去看爸爸的龙舟,爸爸终于夺回了乡里的冠军,吃到了妞妞包的肉粽子。 端午节在孩子眼中就是香甜的粽子,有多少人知道这个节日在中国人心灵上留下的应该还有傲气和豪气,这是一种风骨和尊严,威武不能屈的精神是不能泯灭的。
This hardcover book has 32 pages, 8.5"X11.5".

Simplified Chinese Children book for age: 3-8.

Usually ships within two business days.

Duanwu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival) 端午粽米香 C03-217

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