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Friends 好朋友 T03-148



Description: Charlie Rooster, Johnny Mouse, and Percy the pig are the best of friends. They do everything together. They ride their bike together, play games together, and even do their chores together. Because that's what good friends do. When night falls, though, and it's time to go to bed, they learn that sometimes friends have to be apart. But that's okay, because true friends always find each other, even if it's just in their dreams.

好朋友就是一起分享快樂、互助合作 公雞咕咕、老鼠強強和小豬波波是好朋友。他們總是一起騎著腳踏車,在農莊、田野間穿梭。他們一起叫農莊的動物起床;一起划著小船扮海盜;一起採櫻桃分著吃;一起發誓要一輩子做朋友,永不分離;甚至還在夢裡見面,因為,好朋友總是會出現在彼此的夢中。 三隻動物的深厚情誼,讓孩子羨慕不已。對孩子而言,朋友,是成長過程中最珍貴的寶藏之一。然而,要如何自由自在的與朋友相處,享受友誼所帶來的喜悅和滿足,卻是孩子必須學習的重要人生課題。 孩子走出家庭,就會面對學校、社會等群體生活,有些習慣需要養成,如:輪流、分享、合作、互助以解決問題等,本書很適合讓孩子學會與人相處,並從中享受友誼所帶來的滿足與喜悅。
This is a hardcover book with 33 pages, 8.5"X9.75".

Hardcover Chinese Children book for age: 3-8

Usually ships within two business days.

Friends 好朋友 T03-148

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