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Giraffe and Croc-The Happy Odd Couple C03-136



Description: Giraffe is very tall, Croc is very short, but they live in a very special home, where their height difference does not matter. And they live happily together. One day, they decide to go to the city. They visit giraffe city first, and had a great time, but noted the odd glances from all the other giraffes. They decide to go to Croc city instead. They have fun there, but again they receive odd glances from all the other Crocs. Giraffe and Croc feel sad, and decide to go home, where no one ever laugh at them. Just then, the sound of sirens is every where. Can the pair save the day, and gain acceptance?...This is a wonderful book that teaches young children that sometimes love requires courage and acceptance.
This hardcover book has 24 pages, 9.25"X12".

Hardcover Chinese book for children age: 3-8

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Giraffe and Croc-The Happy Odd Couple C03-136

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