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Grandma 奶奶的記憶 T03-158
Grandma - Chinese picture book



Grandma - Chinese picture book Description: Dementia is a difficult subject to explain to a child. This is the story of how one child's Grandmother has to go into assisted living care. The change is unsettling, but there are many positives to draw from a loving and heartfelt relationship.

記憶會消失,愛一直都在…… 一本關於失智、陪伴和關懷的圖畫書. 奧斯卡很愛他的奶奶,他們相處的時光總是充滿了歡笑。但是,奶奶漸漸的無法照顧自己,她必須住在安養中心。越來越多的孩童面對著家人失智的情況,這樣的情況也會影響整個家庭。這個感人的故事,是由奧斯卡以自己的言語敘述;一個關於家人失智、正面並且真實的經驗與案例。一本如實闡述失智症的圖畫書,有助於引導孩童談論他們的感覺,進而幫助他們找到其他方法,能夠享受這段漸漸改變的關係。

This is a hardcover book with 26 pages, 10"X10"

Hardcover Chinese Children book for age: 3-8

Usually ships within two business days.

Grandma 奶奶的記憶 T03-158

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