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Granny Couldn't Fall Asleep 棉婆婆睡不著 T03-131
Granny Couldn't Fall Asleep - Chinese children book



Granny Couldn't Fall Asleep - Chinese children book Description: Granny couldn't fall asleep in a cold dark night. What to do? She counted sheep of course. But things just kept coming up in her mind. She kept getting up and did random sorts of chores around the house, and even took a walk outside with her dog. What's really keeping her up at night?

睡不著,怎麼辦呢? 數羊吧!「一隻羊…兩隻羊…三隻羊…三十九隻羊…」,棉婆婆躺在床上,數著羊,數著數著,一下子想起牆角下的菊花會凍壞,一下子又想起了門栓有問題,一會兒又是門外的小狗可能會太冷,就這樣,在大半夜裡,棉婆婆一直重複著「上床睡覺-睡不著-數羊-起床」,不斷忙裡忙外,做著各式各樣的家事。外頭的風,正呼呼的吹著,棉婆婆卻緩緩的到外頭散步,又慢慢的跺回家,還不斷的回頭……究竟睡不著的棉婆婆在做什麼呢? 原來棉婆婆所做的一切,都是因為她的心裡一直記掛著棉爺爺。 孩子或許不能充分理解這份老夫妻相守的心意,但他們也有「等待」的時刻,在學校等待爸爸媽媽來接送、在家裡等待爸爸或是媽媽回家、等待著睡前的故事時間、等待著下課可以跟好朋友一起玩耍……等待的樣貌不一而足,但等待的心情,和棉婆婆是一樣的。
This is a hardcover book with 26 pages, 9.5" x 9.5".

Hardcover Chinese Children book for age: 3-10

Usually ships within two business days.

Granny Couldn't Fall Asleep 棉婆婆睡不著 T03-131

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