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Guardian Lion -- 門獸 T05-094
Guardian Lion - Chinese picture book



Guardian Lion - Chinese picture book Description: A guardian lion stands alone in front of an imperial mansion. He used to be proud of his job, but with the decline of the old mansion, he is left lonely and broken. Until a little girl came to visit, and with her father's repair, the lion sprint back to his old grander once again. This book features beautifully done illustrations in black and white.

門獸,鎮守王府的石臺上已有百年之久,想當初,那時候的他可威武了!然而,隨著時代變遷,王府的人搬走了,宅院荒廢了,原本繁華的光榮盛景,在一夕之間黯然失色,連一同站在對面的那隻門獸,也消失不見了!獨留門獸自己孤守斷壁頹垣,以及沉陷另一隻門獸莫名消失的落寞…… 時間,像水一樣慢慢流走了;門獸,也漸漸被人給遺忘…… 直到,有一年冬天早晨,一位小姑娘來了。她的童言稚語,融化了門獸內心潛沉多年的寂寞。隨著物換星移,王府漸漸被繕修,有了新氣象,獨坐石臺幾十年的門獸,也即將有另一隻門獸坐在他對面……

This hardcover book has 36 pages, 10"X9.25"

Chinese children's book for age: 5+

Usually ships within two business days.

Guardian Lion -- 門獸 T05-094

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