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Hairy Tuesday 星期二洗发日 C03-154



Description: Three-year-old Michael hates having his hair washed in the bathtub every Tuesday night, a time when he cries and cries. Perhaps he is worried about soupy water entering his eyes, or the water being too hot or too cold, or he could be worried about drowning. His eight-year-old sister couldn't tolerate his crying and yelling on Tuesday nights any longer, and came up with a brilliant idea. The next day, she walked him over to the local barber shop for a hair cut, to make him bold that is! This is a very funny and charming book about young children overcoming and out-growing their fears
This hardcover book has 27 pages, 8.50"X11.75".

Chinese children book for age: 3-8.

Usually ships within two business days.

Hairy Tuesday 星期二洗发日 C03-154

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