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If I Had a Dinosaur 如果我有一隻恐龍 T03-156
If I Had a Dinosaur - Chinese picture book



If I Had a Dinosaur - Chinese picture book Description: A little girl dreams of having her very own pet. But what kind of animal would make the best companion? A mouse is too small, a cat is too ordinary, and a fish is too . . . wet! As she plays with her toy dinosaur, inspiration strikes. What about a real, live dinosaur? She could ride it to school. It would need lots of food to eat, a swimming pool to drink from, and a dino flap so it could come and go!At the end of a day spent busily imagining, the girl trudges up to bed with her little plastic dinosaur. As she falls asleep, the dinosaur from her daydreams stands in the garden with its head poking through the bedroom window, making her dreams come true.With playful illustrations, If I Had a Dinosaur is a charming story celebrating the power of a child’s imagination.

如果我有一隻恐龍,他會載我去上學……我會教他乖乖坐,撿垃圾,踢足球,還要表演翻筋斗!每天,我會去公園溜恐龍。「恐龍」是許多孩子心中最酷的超大型動物。在童年時期,和朋友間常會做些現在已長大的我們想起來無聊又好笑的比較,像是比誰的球鞋會發光,比誰的彈珠多,還有比誰的寵物厲害…… 說真的,如果有隻恐龍當寵物,那將多令人羨慕啊!
This hardcover book has 28 pages, 9.75"X10.5".

Chinese book for children age: 3-8.

Usually ships within two business days.

If I Had a Dinosaur 如果我有一隻恐龍 T03-156

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