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Jewish Fable Stories Picture Book -- 猶太寓言繪本 T05-096
Jewish Fable Stories Picture Book in Chinese



Jewish Fable Stories Picture Book in Chinese Description: This is a collection of 50 traditional Jewish fable stories, which highlights thousands of years of Jewish wisdom and humor. This hard cover book has beautiful colored illustrations on every page.

每天讀一篇!讓孩子在閱讀中學習猶太人的智慧與處世之道!《塔木德》,中50篇言簡意賅的寓言故事, 集聚了猶太民族的千年智慧,用淺顯的語言教導人們待人處事的態度,不只是猶太人的知識典籍,更是全世界的智慧寶庫。以適合6~12歲的閱讀觀點編寫,搭配精緻多變的插畫風格,讓寓意深遠的《塔木德》變得更生動、簡單又有趣,孩子更容易從書中學取教訓與知識,在生活中點亮一盞智慧的明燈。從《塔木德》學習猶太人的幽默與智慧

This hardcover book has 247 pages, 8.75"X10"

Chinese children bookfor age: 5+.

Usually ships within two business days.

Jewish Fable Stories Picture Book -- 猶太寓言繪本 T05-096

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