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Let's Get Mung Beans, Momma! 媽媽買綠豆 (20週年紀念版) T00-112
Let's Get Mung Beans, Momma! - Chinese children book



Let's Get Mung Beans, Momma! - Chinese children book Description: A Bao loves to go shopping with his mom, but the only thing he wants to buy are mung beans. As far as he is concerned, you can never have enough. What is the appeal of mung beans for A Bao and millions of Chinese children? Turn the pages, and you will see... 小阿寶跟我們一樣,都喜歡陪媽媽去買菜,每一次都會跟媽媽說:「媽媽,買綠豆」。不管是以的傳統市場,還是現代的大賣場,大部分的孩子跟著媽媽逛,心情總是興奮不已,因為有太多太多的新奇了;最重要的是,當媽媽問:「你今天想吃什麼?」或「今天,有沒有特別想吃的?想買的?」這種簡單卻很幸福的滋味,可以讓孩子快樂一整天。
This is a hardcover book with 28 pages, 8.5"X9.25".

Hardcover Chinese children book for age: 1-5

Usually ships within two business days.

Let's Get Mung Beans, Momma! 媽媽買綠豆 (20週年紀念版) T00-112

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