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Little Big Sister T03-058



Description: This hardcover book features a cute story about a little big sister welcoming a new baby brother into her world. The story starts with the little girl's mommy's pregnancy, and the little girl noted that her mother's swelling tummy left her no room to sit on her mommy's lap anymore. Then they brought a rather "ugly" baby home that likes to scream when he is not sleeping. And the little guy can't play either. Yet, the little big sister noted that everyone else still like to rush to the new infant with their adoring attention. Just as she is souring on the idea on her new little brother, she discovers that her parents love her just the same as before, and as the baby grows little by little, she begins to take a liking towards the little guy, especially since he looks up to her, and copies, and wants to be just like her...well, that has its limits too, then they fight and then they make up. This is a very charming and heartwarming story about siblings. It is a great book.
This is a hardcover book with 40 pages, 6.75" x 9.75".

Chinese children's book for age: 2-6

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Little Big Sister T03-058

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