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Little Onion to the Rescue -- 小洋蔥大作戰 T03-149
Chinese picture book



Chinese picture book Description: This imaginative book turns any ordinary kitchen scene into theater, as a potato cries in pain from a biting wound by a mean mouse. Kitchen dishes, tools, and vegetables come out to comfort and protect the potato. What happens when the mouse comes out again at night fall?.. Be aware of the secret weapon of the onions!

可憐的馬鈴薯被老鼠咬了一口,在廚房裡嚎啕大哭。紅蘿蔔與小洋蔥連忙過來安慰,高麗菜還給了他一片葉子當繃帶,廚房裡的夥伴們忿忿不平地討論著:「老鼠要是再敢來,我們就一起對付他!」。 夜裡,老鼠果然又來了。茶壺從架子跳下去,卻跌個倒栽蔥;鍋鏟和湯匙想捉住他,卻被老鼠逃跑了。盤子和杯子發出叮鈴噹啷的聲響想嚇唬他,老鼠卻輕輕鬆鬆地擊敗大家。正當他一步步逼近馬鈴薯時,沒想到,小洋蔥勇敢地挺身而出:「等一下!要咬的話,就咬我吧!」,老鼠果真往小洋蔥身上狠狠咬了一口……馬鈴薯和紅蘿蔔嚇得摀住眼睛,他們該怎麼辦才好呢?小洋蔥能成功打敗老鼠嗎? 瀨名惠子利用粉彩紙拼貼創作出《小洋蔥大作戰》這本書,故事從孩子熟悉的生活環境出發,將每個家庭都有的廚房化身為冒險舞台,再將蔬菜們與鍋碗瓢盆擬人化,合力對抗邪惡的老鼠,有趣的情節很容易引起孩子們的共鳴,並同理書中角色難過、生氣、擔心、害怕等各種情緒。
This hardcover book has 22 pages, 11" x 8".

Hardcover Chinese book for children age: 3-12.

Usually ships within two business days.

Little Onion to the Rescue -- 小洋蔥大作戰 T03-149

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