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Look After Your Planet (Charlie and Lola Book in Chinese) T05-025
Look After Your Planet (Charlie and Lola Book in Chinese)



Look After Your Planet (Charlie and Lola Book in Chinese) Description: This highly popular brother and sister team is going green in this book in their usual quirky and hilarious fashion. In this story, Lola finally decides to clean out her messy room, and her older brother Charlie suggests for her to recycle instead of throwing everything away. Lola does not even know what recycling is, but she quickly learns all about recycling from Charlie. And once she understands why it is so important to protect our planet, she begins to have fun recycling, and gets her classmates to join in on the fun too. This book presents a brilliant way to introduce young children to recycling. Children can get into the habit of recycling and caring about our environment with the help of Charlie and Lola. This book is very practical, and it is packed with humor. Of course, you can proudly tell your child that this book is made from recycled paper.
This Hardcover book has 30 pages, 8.75” x 9.5”.

Hardcover Chinese children's book for age: 5+

Usually ships within two business days.

Look After Your Planet (Charlie and Lola Book in Chinese) T05-025

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