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Lord of the Earth and His Twelve Sons T05-086
Lord of the Earth and His Twelve Sons - Chinese children book



Lord of the Earth and His Twelve Sons - Chinese children book Description: Lord of the Earth asked his twelve sons to help him manage the earth. Every son would be in charge for one month. These sons kept quarreling about how to equally divide 365 days and 6 hours until Lord of the Earth taught them a lesson with a Chinese harp.

地球星君掌管地球上的一切,他讓地球繞著太陽轉,也讓地球有了季節、氣候以及萬物的變化。有一年,地球娘娘隨著月亮的圓缺變化生下了十二個兒子,並用月份為他們命名。隨著十二個兒子漸漸長大,地球星君希望將地球的事務移交給十二個兒子負責。但是這十二個兒子因為個性截然不同,一天到晚爭吵不休。地球星君為了要讓兒子能夠分工,想出了以彈奏箜篌的方式,讓他們明白胡亂撥弄弦琴彈奏不出好樂音,而不斷彈奏同一條弦,將導致弦斷琴廢……此時,十二個兒子終於明白,父親彈奏箜篌讓他們知道「合作」與「謙讓」的重要性。自此,他們相處融洽,也能互相禮讓,共同合作守護地球。 在圖畫書裡遇見木刻版印畫 讓孩子感受中國傳統之美
This hardcover book has 46 pages, 8.5"X12"

Chinese children's book for age: 2-8

Usually ships within two business days.

Lord of the Earth and His Twelve Sons T05-086

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