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Loving Family Book Set ( 3 Hardcover Picture Books) C00-059



Description: This set of books consists of a loving family of three. 1) Me: The little me is a confident and happy young bear. He is brave, kind, and very smart. He enjoys having fun and is full of charm. 2) The Loud Mouthed Mom: Moms can be surprisingly loud at times. But even a loud mouthed Mom can be warm and loving. This book will bring comfort to all the little children who are blessed with loud Moms. 3) Happy Daddy: The Daddy in this book is a happy-go-lucky guy, who is thrilled to be a father for the first time. This book describes the impossible happiness of new fatherhood with lots of humor, pride, and ever lasting love.
1) Me: 60 pages, 6.5"X6.5". 2)Loud Mouthed Mom: 32 pages, 8"X6.25". 3)Happy Daddy: 52 pages, 8"X6.25".

Hardcover Chinese book for children age: 1-5.

Usually ships within two business days.

Loving Family Book Set ( 3 Hardcover Picture Books) C00-059

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