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My Life As McDull (Animated DVD film) DVD-021



Description: McDull is an animated piglet, and a cute one. This Hong Kong animated film is obviously targeted for kids, yet it has plenty of humor to delight and charm adults. It is no wonder that this film received numerous international awards, including the Best Animated Feature Film at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 2003. My Life as McDull is an episodic tale of a young pig's experience from birth to adulthood as he and his mother struggle through their low-income lives in modern time Hong Kong. McDull is dimwitted and dreamy. However, his adoring yet ambitious mother pushes him relentlessly for success. McDull's desires are simple, yet he wants things that are beyond their means. His mother tries her best to please him, and in turn, McDull gives in to his mother's wishes and decides to train to become an Olympic athlete. As McDull is a below average pig, he and his mother meet with one disappointment after another, yet this film suggests that it is never too late to start anew, as each disappointment simply leads to a fresh beginning. In the end, McDull maintains his positive outlook on life, and seems to find a beautiful world for himself. The ending also makes a leap from fantasy to sobering reality for the grown up McDull, as McDull says in his closing narration, that being not so smart and fat is not so funny in this world. This is an all region DVD in Mandarin Chinese or in Cantonese, and it is about 75 minutes long.

Animated DVD in Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese for age: 4+

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My Life As McDull (Animated DVD film) DVD-021

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