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My Standards for Students Audio Book 我會念弟子規有聲學習書 T00-224
My Standards for Students Audio Book in Chinese



My Standards for Students Audio Book in Chinese Description: Parents, what to do when you are just too busy to read to your children?! Audio book to the rescue! This audio book features 45 Standards for Students rhymes in Mandarin Chinese. Children can simply press on the title to listen to these wonderful lessons from ancient China. It also has volume control. This book requires two AAA batteries. Battery included.

弟子規,聖人訓,小朋友,一起來讀弟子規吧! 1.分段念謠漸進式學會弟子規:45段分段式念謠,讓初學的小朋友可以跟著每一段落念一念,循序漸進學會弟子規,奠定語文基礎。 2.連續播放反覆練習,加強記憶:獨家設計的連續播放按鍵,按一下即可將弟子規的內容完整播放,讓孩子反覆聽、反覆練習、加強記憶! 3.附閃閃LED燈刺激孩子視覺與聽覺:附閃閃LED燈,並有五段式大小聲可供調整,給孩子視覺與聽覺的雙重刺激。4.搭配精美繪本與簡易注釋,讓孩子輕鬆學習:全書共分為23個章節,附有精美的圖畫與淺顯易懂的白話文注釋,搭配分段按鍵,讓孩子更加理解弟子規的意涵,體會古人的智慧道理。。 注意事項/1、請在監護人陪同下使用,避免幼兒誤食本產品。2、長時間不使用時,請將電池取出。3、請勿將產品置放於高溫潮濕處,亦不得接觸火源。
This hard cover audio book has 49 pages, 10" X 7"

Chinese Standards for Students audio book for children age: 2-8.

Usually ships within two business days.

My Standards for Students Audio Book 我會念弟子規有聲學習書 T00-224

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