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One Little Monkey - 3D Pop-up book 猴子找朋友(驚奇立體圖畫書-數一數) T00-147



Description: Young children will fall in love with this adorable 3D pop-up book! This book features large pop ups, colourful artwork and fun, engaging stories to teach children early concepts about numbers..

「一二三,三隻小猴點點頭,四五六,六隻小猴扭呀扭,七八九,九隻 小猴手牽手……」一隻猴子在叢林裡找朋友…他找到了好多猴子朋友呢!來,跟著小猴子一起數一數吧!

This Hardcover Pop up book has 16 pages, 9.75"X9.5"

Chinese Children Pop-up book for Age: 1-5

Usually ships within two business days.

One Little Monkey - 3D Pop-up book 猴子找朋友(驚奇立體圖畫書-數一數) T00-147

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