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Sleep Like A Tiger 睡吧!像老虎一樣 T03-145
Sleep Like A Tiger - Chinese picture book



Sleep Like A Tiger - Chinese picture book Description: “Does everything in the world go to sleep?” the little girl asks. In sincere and imaginative dialogue between a not-at-all sleepy child and understanding parents, the little girl decides “in a cocoon of sheets, a nest of blankets,” she is ready to sleep, warm and strong, just like a tiger. The Caldecott Honor artist Pamela Zagarenski’s rich, luminous mixed-media paintings effervesce with odd, charming details that nonsleepy children could examine for hours. A rare gem beautifully translated into Chinese!

★榮獲美國凱迪克銀牌獎、《學校圖書館期刊》年度最佳繪本等多項大獎. 世界上所有的動物都要睡覺嗎?一個不想睡覺的小女孩問爸媽。 一個不想睡覺的小女孩,堅定的對爸爸和媽媽表示她不累、她還不想睡。故事中的爸媽,以一種新穎的態度面對孩子不想睡覺的心情,他們沒有勉強孩子入睡,而是很有技巧的讓小女孩自己換上了睡衣、刷牙、洗臉、躺在床上。小女孩舒服的躺在床上問爸媽:世界上所有的動物都要睡覺嗎?從家裡的狗和貓。 到小蝸牛、大鯨魚,還有叢林裡的老虎……爸媽溫柔平靜的回答她提出來的問題,告訴她各種動物睡覺的地方和睡覺的姿態, 然後親親她,把燈熄了,對小女孩說她可以整夜醒著。 於是,小女孩想像自己和各種動物一樣,在自己的窩裡安全、溫暖又舒適,不知不覺的進入了夢鄉。
This hardcover book has 32 pages, 11.25"X9.25".

Hardcover Children book in Chinese for age: 3-8

Usually ships within two business days.

Sleep Like A Tiger 睡吧!像老虎一樣 T03-145

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