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SpongeBob Roundpants 圓褲子海綿寶寶 T05-079
SpongeBob Roundpants - Chinese picture book



SpongeBob Roundpants - Chinese picture book Description:Unbelievable! SpongeBob has run out of square pants! Now he has to buy a new pair. Unfortunately, SpongeBob just can’t seem to find the right ones at the store—until he tries on a pair of pants that look just like the ones he always wears . . . except that they’re round. SpongeBob loves his new round pants and shows them off, but finds out that no one recognizes him! Must he now go through life as SpongeBob RoundPants?

This book has 22 pages, 8"X8".

SpongeBob picture book in Chinese for age: 4-10

Usually ships within two business days.

SpongeBob Roundpants 圓褲子海綿寶寶 T05-079

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