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Taiwanese Nursery Rhymes (+CD) -- 丟丟銅台語歌謠(1書1CD) T00-142
Taiwanese Nursery Rhymes with CD



Taiwanese Nursery Rhymes with CD Description: This book contains a collection of 40 one-page short Taiwanese nursery rhymes. This book + CD provide a great early introduction to the sounds and tones of the Taiwanese dialect. Each page has charming colored illustrations to capture your little ones attention. The book also comes with an audio CD that sings these nursery rhymes in Taiwanese. The CD is appr. 60 min long.

目錄: 口丟口丟銅、火金姑、排骨仔隊、秀才騎馬弄弄來、台灣出甜粿、羞羞羞(試聽)、新娘18、笨惰仙、一年仔悾悾、火車、十二生肖歌、大頭旺仔一粒珠、臆台灣的地名、點仔膠、白鴒絲、樹頂一隻猴、搖金子、掩咯雞、一的炒米蔥、西北雨、搖嬰仔歌、放雞鴨、匿相揣、挨呀挨、搖啊搖 、龍眼乾、天烏烏、金龜、月娘娘、大箍呆、咚咚差、一二三四、火金星、烏秋、搖仔搖、人插花,伊插草、月光光、ABC狗咬豬、天公伯仔、食菝仔
This hard cover book has 85 pages, 5.5” X 8”.

Taiwanese Nursery Rhyme book + CD in Taiwanese for Age: 0-5

Usually ships within two business days.

Taiwanese Nursery Rhymes (+CD) -- 丟丟銅台語歌謠(1書1CD) T00-142

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