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Thank You Bear (Bilingual Book) -- 謝謝你小熊 T02-050
Thank You Bear - Bilingual Book in Chinese and English



Thank You Bear - Bilingual Book in Chinese and English Description: Early one morning, a little bear found a little box. He looked inside. Then he exclaimed, “Why, it’s the greatest thing ever! Mouse will love this.” Bear’s friends aren’t so sure of his newfound treasure, however. “That’s not so great,” says Monkey. “I’ve seen those before,” says Owl. And by the time Bear finds Mouse, his own doubts have grown. But Mouse has the last say when he looks inside the little box. “It is the greatest thing ever,” he tells his friend. “Thank you, Bear.” Part mystery, part fable, this deceptively simple story of true friendship is perfect for the very youngest reader. It is sure to tug at your heart. This is a bilingual book written in Chinese and in English.
This is a hardcover book with 27 pages, 9.25"X9.25".

Bilingual Chinese children's book for age: 2-7

Usually ships within two business days.

Thank You Bear (Bilingual Book) -- 謝謝你小熊 T02-050

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