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That's Mine! - 這是我的!這是我的! T00-170
That's Mine! - Chinese picture book



That's Mine! - Chinese picture book Description: In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the little frog finds an egg. "That's mine!" he says. But the snake wants his egg, and so does the eagle and the lizard... But what does the angry elephant want? A simple picture book with a fun ending that never tires.

★ 2014年最幽默的圖畫書. 在好深好深的叢林裡,一隻青蛙發現了一顆蛋,他開心的抱著蛋說:「這是我的!」沒想到出現了一條蛇,說:「這是我的!」接著又出現了一隻老鷹,說:「這是我的!」大蜥蜴也來搶這顆蛋,他說:「這是我的!」老鷹和大蜥蜴為了蛋大打出手,接下來會發生什麼事呢?蛋到底是誰的? 作者將對生活的敏銳洞察力及想像力轉化為幽默、輕鬆的故事,搭配率性、生動的圖畫,成為一本引人發笑,又能細細探討搶奪、貪心、責任等議題的好書,讓孩子在歡樂的笑聲中擁有不一樣的思考!
This hardcover book has 28 pages, 7"X9.5".

Chinese children book for age: 1-5

Usually ships within two business days.

That's Mine! - 這是我的!這是我的! T00-170

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