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The Art of War Stories w/VCD -- 孙子兵法 C07-024



Description: This book will not send your children packing for war. This book is a collection of the ancient Chinese wisdom that has been passed down through the generations. This Art of War book features stories from Chinese history's most famous battles. These stories are engaging and help provide young children a glimpse into the long Chinese history. More importantly, these stories will teach young children that wisdom and strategic thinking go a long way against size or brute force. This book contains 13 chapters, featuring 39 short stories about some of the famous ancient Chinese battles. This book comes with a video CD. The VCD is a cartoon presentation of the story with artistic illustrations, narrated in Mandarin Chinese. This VCD can be viewed on TV (via DVD player) or Computer.
This book has 211 pages, 7.25” x 8.25”.

Simplified Chinese children book for age: 7- 12

Usually ships within two business days.

The Art of War Stories w/VCD -- 孙子兵法 C07-024

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