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The Big Angry Roar -- 吼~我生氣了! T03-162
The Big Angry Roar - Chinese children book



The Big Angry Roar - Chinese children book Description: A Lion cub gets in trouble with Dad, leaving the young cub walking off angrily. The cub runs into a Zebra, who tells him that zebras stamp and stomp when they are angry. Hippo explains that hippos crash and splash to get the anger out.... But these advises only got the Cub into more trouble until a Baboon helps him by teaching him to breathe and count to 10. The perfect story for any child experiencing anger and learning how to handle those feelings.

本書特色: 適合孩子遭遇憤怒情緒時,學習如何處理這些感受─【釋放情緒/友愛】小獅子和妹妹發生了爭執,雖然是妹妹先開始的,可是獅子媽媽卻只教訓小獅子,這讓他好生氣呀!小獅子感覺氣得就快要爆炸了!朋友們紛紛提供他「釋放情緒」的方法,可是這些方法對小獅子都不管用,還讓他覺得更生氣了!
This hardcover book has 24 pages, 10" x 11.25".

Hardcover Chinese book for children age: 3-8.

Usually ships within two business days.

The Big Angry Roar -- 吼~我生氣了! T03-162

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