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The Chameleon and the Toad 癩蝦蟆與變色龍 T03-092
The Chameleon and the Toad - Chinese children book



The Chameleon and the Toad - Chinese children book Description: The chameleon and the toad both have a remarkable ability to catch insects with their tongues, but when these fiercely competitive creatures chance to catch each other's tongues and refuse to let go, the hunters soon become the hunted and must learn to work together to survive.
當天王遇上天王,是敵人還是朋友? 誰贏誰輸?自古英雄惜英雄,能稱的上是英雄的一定有過人之處;話說自然界裡以舌頭獵食的高手之二癩蝦蟆與變色龍,有一天相遇在池塘邊…,「我是世界上最棒的!」癩蝦蟆驕傲地說,「我是天底下最厲害的!」變色龍厎趾高氣昂地說…有一天,池塘邊飛過了一隻蟲子,瞬間,牠們的舌頭卻破天荒的纏在一起…這時,黃鼠狼在旁虎視眈眈,他們能逃過一劫嗎?兩個自認為是獵食高手會互助合作?還是你死我活?
This hardcover book has 34 pages, 8.50" x 11.75".

Hardcover Chinese book for children age: 3-8.

Usually ships within two business days.

The Chameleon and the Toad 癩蝦蟆與變色龍 T03-092

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