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The Mouse Who Ate the Moon - 小老鼠吃月亮 T00-168



Description: Little Mouse loves to look up at the moon every night. But one night, when a piece of the moon falls from the sky, she can’t resist taking a little nibble. And another. Soon the moon is no longer round. What will happen to it now? Children will be eager to turn the pages and peek through the holes in this amusing tale of temptation featuring bold, vibrant illustrations.

入睡之前,小老鼠望著窗外的月亮,他一邊想:「如果有一塊自己的月亮多好。」一邊進入夢鄉。 第二天早上,他一起床,赫然發現洞口有一小塊「月亮」,小老鼠喜孜孜地,仔細端詳地上的這塊月亮,看一看又聞一聞,聞一聞又看一看,腦子裡浮現「好想吃、好想吃」的念頭。於是牠吃了一小口。又一小口。再一小口。再一點點……直到月亮剩下一半時,他開始擔心起來,心想:「慘了!現在月亮再也不會圓了。」他該怎麼辦呢?
This is a hardcover book with 24 pages, 9.25"X10".

Chinese Children's book for age: 1-5

Usually ships within two business days.

The Mouse Who Ate the Moon - 小老鼠吃月亮 T00-168

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