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The Mud General 泥将军 C03-151



Description: The newly minted mud general is exceptional proud of his status. He immediately considered himself very brave, until he came face to face with the hot furnace. He was afraid of the flaming fire, while the rest of his general buddies went into the hot furnace, he snuck out and hid outside. He joined the ranks again when the rest of the mud generals completed their furnace treatment. The careless clay masters did not notice, and applied a coat of paint on him, and sent him out to the market place. The mud general was even more pleased with himself, that he had outsmarted them all. He grow even more arrogant. When he arrived at a little boy's home, he introduced himself to the new group, and bragged about himself non-stop. But, before long, in front of his new friends, he melted. Too bad this general could not get a second chance to learn from his mistakes. But our young readers still can. This is a charming story simply told, with beautiful illustraions, and a very important lesson in life.
This hardcover book has 28 pages, 9.5"X10"

Chinese children's book for age: 3-8

Usually ships within two business days.

The Mud General 泥将军 C03-151

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