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The Reason for Being Late 遲到的理由 T03-130



Description: Piggy is late for school! He runs toward the school in a mad dash. As he enters the quiet school hallway, a thought enters his head. What should he tell his teacher for being late?? He comes up with many curious excuses...

每個人都可能有遲到的時候,你遲到時,會怎麼跟老師或是朋友解釋呢? 鬧鐘響過了一遍又一遍,終於叫醒了熟睡的小豬。 可是,早就過了上學時間啦!已經遲到了!這下該怎麼辦? 小豬飛快的跑到學校,卻在快到教室前的走廊停了下來。牠癱坐在走廊角落,忐忑的想過一個又一個理由──該學大象,跟老師說是因為擤鼻涕擤太久了嗎?還是跟鱷魚一樣,刷牙刷太久了?一幕幕的內心小劇場,在小豬的腦海裡演過一遍又一遍……可是這些都是別人用的理由啊。 再想想、再想想……應該要用「自己的」理由才對!
This hardcover book has 28 pages, 8.50" x 9.75".

Hardcover Chinese book for children age: 3-10.

Usually ships within two business days.

The Reason for Being Late 遲到的理由 T03-130

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