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Three Hens and a Peacock 三隻母雞和孔雀 T03-128
Three Hens and a Peacock - Chinese children book



Three Hens and a Peacock - Chinese children book Description: The Tuckers' farm is a peaceful place: cows chew their cud, hens lay their eggs, and the old hound rests on the porch. Everyone has a job and no one complains. That is, until a hapless peacock suddenly falls off the back of a passing truck and stirs things up.

多層次的色彩變化,更細膩表現出每個角色生動、可愛的個性,讓人充分享受閱讀的樂趣。 自從農場來了隻孔雀後,所有人的目光焦點都放在他身上。三隻母雞覺得很不是滋味,畢竟她們包下農場所有的工作,而孔雀只會尖叫和搖晃羽毛。老狗提出交換角色的主意,獲得一致性的通過。接下來,孔雀擠進母雞的雞舍裡試著生蛋;三隻母雞則不斷地扮美搔首弄姿,以吸引路人上門,結果不但未如預期受到讚賞,反而引起眾人的困惑……
This is a hardcover book with 30 pages, 9.5" x 11.0".

Hardcover Chinese Children book for age: 3-8

Usually ships within two business days.

Three Hens and a Peacock 三隻母雞和孔雀 T03-128

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