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Touch And Feel: Farm -- 觸覺書-可愛的動物 T00-138



Description: How does it feel to touch a pink pig's nose? What's the difference between a fluffy chick and a furry dog? Does a horse's nose really feel like velvet? Young children will love touching and feeling their way through the farmyard in this clever little board book in Chinese which features cut out textured panels.熊寶寶摸起來是什麼感覺呢?你敢摸小豬的鼻子嗎?生活中有許多的東西,摸起來感覺都不一樣喔!還有許多小動物摸起來也都很有趣喔!【摸一摸、看一看】中有許多不同的東西和小動物,提供孩子各種不同的觸覺經驗,藉由實際的操作,感受每種觸摸不同。
This baby board book has 10 pages, 6.25" x 6.25".

Chinese Baby board Book for age 0-3.

Usually ships within two business days.

Touch And Feel: Farm -- 觸覺書-可愛的動物 T00-138

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