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Wake Up, Your Majesty! T02-034
Wake Up, Your Majesty! - Chinese children book



Wake Up, Your Majesty! - Chinese children book Description: Many children and parents already know that getting up in the morning is no easy task, and this is especially true for the little Emperor in our story. The main character in this story is a very important little person, and even though he has many important affairs to attend to everyday, he does not like being waking up in the mornings. The little Emperor is late everyday and often too sleepy to manage his many important affairs. This is causing a big uproar with his court advisors and servants, and is making his mother very upset with him. This was a big problem for him until one day he met another young boy who taught him how to enjoy getting up every morning. This story is wonderfully written, and the illustrations are simply beautiful.
This hardcover book has 43 pages, 10.5” x 10”

Chinese children's book for age: 2-8

Usually ships within two business days.

Wake Up, Your Majesty! T02-034

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