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When We Were Alone in the World 世界上最棒的哥哥 T05-085



Description: An extraordinarily warm and funny book about a big brother's courage and inventiveness when he thought that his parents have been run over by a truck - (no, they didn't!) A delightful story about siblings, imagination and misunderstandings.

為了保護弟弟、照顧弟弟,看小小大哥哥如何展現過人的勇氣與創意! 孩子最害怕被父母遺棄或獨自被留下來,莫名的恐懼在心中無限增生,甚至會想像出很多很多可怕的場景,這本繪本描繪就是這樣的情景。六歲的小男孩在幼兒園學會了看時鐘,但時間到了,爸爸卻沒來接他,而且家中大門深鎖,於是,他小心的推論:爸媽被卡車撞死了,他必須負起照顧弟弟的責任,不能讓弟弟知道有可怕的事情發生,要讓一切都和平常一樣。雖然他又害怕又難過,但是,要保護弟弟的兄弟之情與責任感,讓他轉移悲傷,勇敢的運用創造力,找出解決問題的方法:他用木板蓋房子,安頓弟弟;幫弟弟用紙箱做了電視機;到鄰居家借食物;在紙箱裡扮演企鵝,逗弟弟開心……這是一本讀來會讓人發笑,又深深感動的繪本。
This is a hardcover book with 28 pages, 9.5"X9.5".

Hardcover Chinese Children book for age: 5+

Usually ships within two business days.

When We Were Alone in the World 世界上最棒的哥哥 T05-085

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